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CFO Solutions is a professional services organization that brings clarity to clients’ financial and operational reporting. The firm’s experts help clients define processes, create a solution road map, and implement the Workiva platform aligned with the vision.
About our partnership

System Integrator

CFO Solutions is a professional services organization specializing in connected reporting integration for the Workiva platform. They bring transparency and clarity to financial and operational reporting. Key benefits delivered through this system integrator partnership include:

Workiva Implementation

Set your team up with the Workiva platform correctly right from the start, and avoid extra work in the future. CFO Solutions will work with you on your implementation of the Workiva platform.

Advisory Services

Software evaluations and product road maps are two of the many advisory services offered by CFO Solutions. Additionally, CFO Solutions are experts at helping you capture, unify, and connect your data for reporting and analysis.

Industries and Expertise

CFO Solutions works in nearly every industry, from the public sector to retail. CFO Solutions’ expertise in Oracle® HFM, Planful™, and multiple other solutions, along with the Workiva platform, enables them to assist you in almost all business decisions. 

Lead Setup 

CFO Solutions performs sales functions to set up warm leads where they see a technology fit, allowing for simple and easy implementation.

Solution Optimization

Explore new use cases and solutions and optimize your current Workiva solution. Our partnership helps you thrive in an ever-changing environment.

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