US SEC Form 6-K Template for Foreign Private Issuers by SUMAQ

This quick-start sample template helps foreign private issuers get a head start with their SEC Form 6-K filings.
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Prepare your Form 6-K with this sample template.

Easily and quickly prepare your Form 6-K filing required by the SEC for foreign private issuers to disclose material information including:

  • Changes in business
  • Changes in management or control
  • Acquisitions or dispositions of assets
  • Bankruptcy or receivership
  • Changes in registrant's certifying accountants
  • The financial condition and results of operations
  • Material legal proceedings
  • Changes in securities or in the security for registered securities
  • Defaults upon senior securities
  • Material increases or decreases in the amount outstanding of securities or indebtedness
  • Results of the submission of matters to a vote of security holders
  • Transactions with directors, officers, or principal security holders
  • Granting of options or payment of other compensation to directors or officers
  • Any other information which the registrant deems of material importance to security holders
Key Features
  • Start with a compliant 6-K template and modify it to your specific needs
  • Assistance with English translation or translated summary required for any documents in a foreign language
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