UK GAAP Model Statutory Financial Statements

This publication provides illustrative financial statements under UK GAAP FRS 101 for the year ended 31 December 2019. You can use this downloadable sample annual report as a model for preparing statements according to UK GAAP standards.
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Reduce the complex manual work in preparing financial statements according to UK GAAP.

Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in the UK (UK GAAP) is the body of accounting standards and other guidance published by the UK’s Financial Reporting Council (FRC). By following this example annual report prepared in the Workiva platform, you can create disclosures with formatting that might be expected under UK GAAP. Formulas, formatting, and linking have been included to help reduce the need for manual updates, data re-entry, and the risk of missing rollforward dates.

Key Features
  • Example annual report
  • Data source spreadsheet
  • Built-in formulas
  • Data linking
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Use Workiva connected sheets to link underlying data to the Workiva document in a fully integrated and automated manner so that changes in the underlying data can be controlled with confidence in the final published financial statements

The templates are easily configurable and controlled with permissions to tailor the template to you own processes

Workflows, tasks, comments and chains can be used to intuitively and easily automate the process end to end

Templates can be set up intuitively within the platform or can be imported from existing documents by using the document import functionality

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