State and Local Government Financial Report

Turn your major financial statements into a comprehensive annual financial report with a simple, repeatable, and reliable process. Use this example to build your next report using connected data in the Workiva platform.
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Automate the creation of your next annual financial report for state or local government.

Stop wasting time navigating between the balance sheet and income statements and copying and pasting the figures in the annual report. This template will show you how you can bring in a copy of the trial balance and general ledger into the Workiva platform and automate the process. Cut down on manual tasks loaded with risk and create more time for financial statement reviews. 


Key Features
  • Sample spreadsheets
  • Built-in formulas
  • Instruction sheet included
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Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Government Financial Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Statements are automated by formulas referencing the updated and imported General Ledger and/or Trial Balance.

Formulas are written in the same manner as formulas in Excel. Most utilized formulas are: Sum, SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, INDEX(MATCH).

A clean flat file in a .csv, .tsv or .psv format that can be pulled from your current ERP system.

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