SOX Risk Assessment

This template enables you to combine a financial materiality calculator and a risk assessment to better understand the scope of your SOX program. Using the Workiva platform, your SOX controls can also be connected to fully understand the direct impact of the risk assessment and materiality calculations on the specific SOX program controls.
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Determine which SOX controls are in scope for evaluation based upon a risk assessment and financial account analysis.

Looking for easier understanding of control coverage against financial reporting risk? Utilize this template and you can conduct centralized risk assessment at the financial statement and process levels. You also gain simple and accurate materiality calculations tied directly to the controls.


Key Features
  • Configurable risk assessment at the process or financial statement line item level
  • Materiality calculator 
  • Unified view of controls program scope
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Controls Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial data can be added in a variety of ways. You may choose to copy and paste, use Wdesk Sync to add data coming from an excel spreadsheet, or make a more automated connection to a source system through a Wdata connector or systems integration. Your CSM can help walk you through the options.
The data from your RCM can be added manually as an export from your RCM report from the controls platform or you may also choose to set up a connected sheet for a more automated data flow. Connected sheets may require some support from the Workiva team to help you get your data organized in the right format. You can contact your CSM to get started.
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