Section 16

Manage filings for an organization's "insiders" with beneficial ownership of more than 10% of an organization's non-exempt equity security.
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Simplify your Section 16 filings with the trusted source you use for SEC filings.

Workiva SEC Reporting users can also leverage the platform for Section 16 filings included in their SEC solution subscription. Watch the video for a demonstration of Workiva's Section 16 functionality. It details some of the functionality's key capabilities of our Section 16 service, and features a click-by-click walkthrough of how to amend a filing, produce a new filing, and view previous filings. For more information on how to use our Section 16 filing functionality, click the "Add to Workspace" button.

Key Features
  • Complete repository of previous filings
  • Libraries for signatures and footnotes
  • Preloaded drop-downs for easy, consistent inputs
  • Automatically calculates total shares per individual
  • Reusable information from previous filings
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these capabilities are included in your SEC solution subscription. 

No, there will not be a static checklist provided. You can work with your CSM on integrating the Section 16 functionality into your own Section 16 filing process.

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