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Meet the Workiva spreadsheet that will take your data and automatically round entries according to your team’s needs. Round it, link it, trust it!
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Simplify your rounding and ensure consistency throughout your reporting.

The rounding template is a spreadsheet that can be used to gather data for line items, add adjustments, and validate that your footing still works. Easily incorporate reliable rounding into your reporting process, regardless of where it’s coming from. This template demonstrates how you can input data in a spreadsheet, bring it all into a summarized spreadsheet with a rounding/adjustment column, and then link out to everything from your management reports to your 10-K.

Key Features
  • Spreadsheet for gathering line item entries which need to be rounded for reporting
  • Pre-built formulas and linking
  • Reporting best practices
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Last updated 5/25/2021 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

The template includes instructions and tips on how to build your process or incorporate the functionality into an existing one.