Multi-Level Pie Chart Template

Need to visually show how portions of your pie chart fit into larger categories? The multi-level pie chart makes it a cinch. Just link your data, adjust your formatting, and you’re done!
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Add another dimension to your pie charts to tell a bigger story.

This template gives you a multi-level pie chart you can quickly add to any Workiva presentation. It’s a powerful solution for providing greater context, as you can show how pie slices relate to larger categories. For example, you can quickly illustrate to shareholders what portion of your executives’ compensation is performance based (common in SEC proxy statements and investor presentations). You no longer have to start from scratch—save time and make it simple by customizing one that already exists!


Key Features
  • Pre-built pie chart for quick re-use in Presentations
  • Drag and drop data labels you can customize as you see fit
  • Ready to link so you can trust that the data will stay up to date
Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Audit Management
Bank Reporting
Board Reporting
Budget & Forecast Reporting
CFO Deck
Controls Management
Enterprise Risk Management
ESEF Reporting
Government Management Reporting
Insurance Prospectus
Insurance Reporting
Insurance Statutory Reporting
Investment Prospectus
Investment Reporting
IT Risk and Controls
Management Reporting
Product Line & Business Unit Reporting
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
SEDAR Reporting
Shareholder Reports
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Last updated 5/24/2021 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, not at this time. This method incorporates two charts on top of one another, which cannot happen in Workiva Documents at this time. To add the chart to documents, follow the instructions for Presentations, take a screenshot of the chart, and upload the chart as an image to your document.
Keep in mind, the template is two pie charts on top of one another. Unless you move one chart off the other, you won't be able to edit the chart in the back.