Internal Audit Project Report

Report risk on your terms and your timing. Automate the creation of your audit project reports with this connected spreadsheet and slide deck you can configure to your needs. Save time on reporting risk so your team can focus on reducing risk instead.
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Simplify, centralize, and summarize your internal audit projects in a clean, professional-looking presentation.

Present your organization’s risk information with connected data, documents, and presentations that put the full power of the Workiva platform to use. Cut down the time it takes to prepare your audit reports. Reduce risk associated with download, copy, and pasting of data. Ensure consistency between your audit workpapers and what is reported back to the business.

Key Features
  • Spreadsheet template for source risk data which aggregates, calculates, and summarizes multiple tabular datasets
  • Presentation template contains charts, graphs, audit KPIs, findings, conclusion, and summary text 
  • Instructions
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Audit Management
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Last updated 5/24/2021 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes-Workiva encourages the adaptation and modification of this template to fit your business needs. Workiva commonly expects the following customer-modifications: change the template design format, add pages/slides, add new data, remove data, or change
The Connected Sheet functionality enables any Workiva Database report to be automated into a Workiva Spreadsheet. With the 'Owner' permission role of any spreadsheet, navigate to a blank spreadsheet section. Select the "Data" toolbar ribbon tab. Select the "Connect" option and choose "Wdesk Database." A pop-up box will appear showing all Reports within the workspace you are in. Select the desired data set to highlight it in blue and click "Next". Note: All content on the sheet will be replaced by the connected data set.
Workiva suggests the following approach: 1) Think through what you want to show up in final report slide, 2) Plan what source data and formula(s) are required to produce the report artifact (text value, metric, graph, chart or table), 3) Ensure you have a report that produce the desired source data, 4) Connect Data set to a new spreadsheet section using Connected Sheets functionality.
Within a Presentation file, navigate to the "View" toolbar ribbon tab. Select "Layouts". The Workiva Slide Layout editor view will open enabling you to design various slide templates. The Colors, shapes, logos, images, and text blocks can be added to modify existing template formatting design. Workiva supports custom color codes to match your organization branding. Alternatively, select the "File" toolbar ribbon tab and select "Import" from PPTX to use existing Presentation format slide masters.
Yes, Workiva encourages adding various Report Templates for Process Optimization. One example would be an Operational Audit Project versus a Compliance Audit Project that have different Report Template requirements. Import the template twice or Copy existing Report template within Workiva as starting point to modify each report for each Project type. Workiva suggests maintaining one live template that is copied for each project. When a Presentation is copied, its driving source link Spreadsheet will also be copied. The new source file will need to be connected to Wdesk Database report each time for up to date data using Connected Sheets functionality.
Workiva encourage the use of "Send Review" from "History Panel" or "Review" toolbar menu ribbon to any other Workiva user or group of users within the existing Workspace. Alternatively, Workiva supports the export of any File to .PDF (or Presentation to .PPTX) to be attached and sent via email.
Workiva Audit Procedures support both Connected Files to add live Workiva files or attached to Evidence Attachment panel as a .PDF, .DOCX, or .PPTX.
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