Form S-3 Skeleton Template and Style Guide

Raise capital, not regulators’ eyebrows. File with the SEC fast and accurately with this template for capital market transactions that is ready to customize.
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Quickly draft SEC-ready documents for capital market transactions.

When going public, considering an M&A, or staging a secondary offering, you want to focus on the deal without worrying about the accuracy of the documents. This template gives you a head start on the transaction details you’ll need, with a style guide that ensures consistency. You can start linking your own data and drawing up your next deal document right away. Note: This is a Form S-3 template, but it can be easily adapted to other SEC filings, such as S-1 and S-4. 


Key Features
  • Sample Form S-3
  • Pre-built style guide that can be customized to your needs
  • Instruction sheet included
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Frequently Asked Questions

These forms are types of registration statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Information included in these registration statements may include: - Information on the planned use of the offering proceeds - Business model and competition information - Offering price methodology - Dilution - Any material information investors would likely consider - Terms of the transaction - Risk factors - Financial information

With the launch of the Workiva Marketplace, we have a variety of examples, checklists, and templates available, such as registration statements and roadshow presentations related to our capital market solution.

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