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Need to announce a significant event relevant to shareholders? You don’t have to start from scratch. Thanks to this sample Form 8-K filing, you can make your own. It’s ready to use for creation, collaboration, iXBRL™ tagging, and filing within the Workiva platform.
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Create your next 8-K based on a template built by the leaders in SEC reporting.

Make quick work of Form 8-K, the filing required by the SEC when there are major events that shareholders should know about. Your legal, accounting, and investor relations teams can work in the same document at the same time, and use linked data to ensure consistency across all related Workiva reports and presentations. We’ve included all the bells and whistles you need, based on our experience helping 1,600 customers simplify their 8-K using the Workiva platform.

Key Features
  • Linking placeholders
  • Up-to-date form/filing for quick document creation
  • Instruction sheet included

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SEC Reporting
Shareholder Reports
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Last Updated 07/09/2021 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a generic template meant for any company, it is not pre-tagged. However, tagging for these templates is easy and can then be applied to new filings created from these templates.

Initial linking is set up for fields like the cover page, signature block, etc. Additional linking, if desired, will need additional link mapping. Keep in mind that these types of 8-Ks may not include significant data and tables, so you may not need to additional link mapping every time you use them.

With the resources available online, and especially if you've used the Workiva platform previously, you should be able to use this easily. However, your CSM is always nearby for support.

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