FloQast Close Dashboard

A purpose-built Workiva spreadsheet that provides a snapshot into the real-time status of your accounting close within FloQast.
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Utilize this dashboard to introduce more automation and visibility into your record-to-report (R2R) process.

Using FloQast's direct API connection with Workiva's data platform, your reporting team can now access more qualitative context behind the financial figures being pulled from your ERP. Has this balance been tied-out/reviewed? Have there been any subsequent adjustments? Are there certain footnotes I should be prioritizing? Now you'll know all this and more.

By simply adding a custom #Wdata tag to your account reconciliations within FloQast, you can now sync all your GL account ending balances, associated reconciliation balances, and current review status for that reconciliation directly with a Wdata table. You will then be provided with a pre-built Wdata query that will read the table and populate a FloQast Close Dashboard in a Workiva spreadsheet. These balances will be updated every hour at the latest or can be refreshed on an ad hoc basis. From there, financial figures can be linked to financial statement and footnote disclosures using Workiva’s connected reporting functionality.

Introducing this level of connectivity across your corporate accounting and financial reporting teams will ensure data accuracy, increase reporting efficiency, and set your team up for a more effective record-to-report process.

Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Board Reporting
Financial Statements
Global Statutory Reporting
Management Reporting (CFO)
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased Wdata.
May require an additional fee