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The ESG Risk Control Matrix (RCM) provides a quick starting point for creating, executing, and monitoring ESG-related controls.
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Create, execute, and monitor ESG related controls, ensuring compliance of your ESG program.

Thinking about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) controls is a new trend in the market. While you may not be considering the full scope of your ESG controls just yet, future mandates could involve obligatory external assurance. Don't wait—get started now with this template that enables you to map the controls to ESG reporting requirements and KPIs and indicate where you report the relevant information.

Identifying and incorporating ESG-created controls into your risk management program puts you ahead of the curve. Get future ready and identify how ESG controls fit into your enterprise risk management (ERM) program today.

Key Features
  • Example ESG-specific Risk and Control Matrix (RCM)
  • Ability to map your ESG controls to your KPIs and reporting requirements
  • Ability to assign stakeholders across the organization to ensure ESG compliance
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, today ESG controls are a voluntary component of your ESG and Risk process.

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