ESG Materiality Assessment

Learn how to create—or refresh—your ESG reporting strategy by evaluating which environmental, social, and governance issues matter most to your organization.
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Evaluate your ESG strategy with this simple guide.

Is your company looking to report more on ESG topics? Do you know what issues are most material to your organization?

This interactive guide can help you determine which environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues matter most to your organization and your stakeholders. This will help you create a materiality assessment project, engage with stakeholders, and simplify the assessment process into four steps. Use this guide on your own or with help from an advisory firm or consultant. A typical output of this process is a materiality map or materiality matrix, examples of which are included in this guide.

Key Features
  • Sample slides for project timeline, stakeholder list, interview questions, scoring methodology, scorecard, heatmap, and action plan
  • Materiality heatmap linked to example scoresheet
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