ESEF Annual Reporting Starter Pack

Manage your ESEF filing with ease with this starter pack that contains a project planner with tips and step-by-step instructions. These include guidelines for design and ICML, preparing your financial statements with XBRL® tags, seeing your designed report in XHTML, and filing the whole iXBRL® package.
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Simplify your ESEF filing with this all-in-one starter pack, ready for you and/or your design team.

This template contains a full checklist which will help you meet ESEF mandate requirements with your ESEF filing, including XBRL Review, Report Format Review, and final run up to submission. The annual report template is ready to use by you and your design agency, if you use one. Get all the guidance you need to create beautiful, fully designed reports using the Workiva platform and to interact with your designer(s) in the InDesign® software.

Key Features
  • ESEF mandate checklist
  • ESEF submission checklist
  • Design agency checklist
  • Full navigation to help files
  • Annual report template with 60 preset styles for use in the Workiva platform and InDesign®

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ESEF Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

All public companies who prepare consolidated IFRS financial statements will need to file their annual report in XHTML with XBRL® tags (Inline XBRL®) and it needs to be placed on their website or national storage mechanism.

Workiva will run validations on your ESEF report to check that there are for example no missing tags, that all dates are consistent together with expected signs.

Yes. With Workiva you can either use the design tools within the system, or use InDesign for more complex design.

Your design agency can either design within the Workiva platform or receive content which they place into InDesign. Your designer then exports their design attributes into Wdesk for conversion into XHTML.

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