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Make the next earnings call easier. Use this example of a script for earnings releases that guides you on using linked data between related SEC filings and press releases to guarantee consistency in your communications.
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Easily create earnings call scripts that compliment your filings within the Workiva platform.

Accuracy is everything when you’re communicating with investors and analysts, but that can be a challenge especially when there are last-minute changes. Use this script template to enable faster document creation, without worrying about whether numbers are up to date. This example shows you how linking between filings can keep everyone involved—including legal, accounting, investor relations, and executive teams—literally on the same page heading into the earnings call.


Key Features
  • Example earnings call content
  • Best practices for impactful earnings call scripts
  • Instructions included
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Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Board Reporting
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
SEDAR Reporting
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Last updated 5/22/2021 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have downloaded this template into your Workspace, you can then add your most recent (or current) draft of your individual earnings call script and begin linking data from your master workbook. Using a single source of data for all of your quarterly disclosures will significantly improve the efficiency of your filing. At the beginning of each quarterly reporting process, you can roll forward the previous quarter and preserve the links making it significantly easier to update the earnings call script.
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