Cohen and Company Cash Management Model Template

Present a clear picture of your 13-week cash flow and liquidity projections using Workiva sheets and presentations.
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Connect your data to simply tell your cash management story.

Managing cash flow and liquidity post Covid-19 has been a challenge for all. This Cash Management Model serves as a great starting point for the development of a robust and connected 13-week cash flow and liquidity projection. The connectivity and simplicity of the Workiva platform makes this model easy to adopt and implement.

This model assists with answering the following:

  • What is our current cash position?
  • When will we need additional liquidity to meet current demands?
  • What are the levers we can pull to better manage cash and liquid capital?
  • How do we get through the near-term challenges while not handicapping ourselves when economic headwinds shift?
  • What impact will additional borrowings have on key metrics and debt covenants?
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