Calendar Year Reporting Dates Table

Make each roll forward easier than the last. Set up your dates in this customizable spreadsheet and connect them to all of your quarterly and annual reports and presentations. Watch as they automatically update with each new report.
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Automate updates according to the calendar year for easy roll forward and faster reporting.

Setting up your calendar year-based reporting just got easier. This template includes a spreadsheet section where you can enter your specific reporting period for a calendar year-end process, including reporting period, QTD, YTD, press release dates, and more. Leveraging formulas and formatting, current reporting period dates can be updated within this single, centralized spreadsheet—rather than making changes to each individual location throughout your reports.

Key Features
  • Spreadsheet for entering calendar year dates for monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Pre-built formulas
  • Reporting best practices
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The template includes instructions and tips on how to build your process or incorporate the functionality into an existing one.