Arcadia Automation & Collection of Utility Data

Arcadia is the leading aggregator and analyst of automated utility data. We can deliver data to your business to help solve problems, streamline processes, and enhance reporting.
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Connect to automated utility data for smarter energy decisions, accurate reporting, and insights.

Arcadia can streamline your business processes and support corporate initiatives. Utility data is typically gathered using manual or other inefficient methods that require resource allocation and are prone to error. Our automated delivery will streamline this process and improve efficiency.

Key Features
  • Fully automated capture and delivery of utility data
  • Largest number of pre-built account connections across thousands of utilities in 52 countries 
  • Accurately captures and standardizes data from the utility bill directly from any online global account or PDF
  • Delivers both historical data to establish a baseline and ongoing data for reporting, including monthly statements
  • Normalizes data across all providers into a standard format which is seamlessly integrated and automatically mapped into your application
Compatible Solutions
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Support and Documentation
Last updated 11/1/2023 (Release Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer connections to thousands of utilities across 52+ countries. If we don’t have a connection built with a specific provider, our team can build that connection in 6-10 weeks for no additional charge as long as there is a structured PDF of the bill or an accessible utility website.

We will pull in a new utility invoice to Utility Cloud usually within 24 hours of the invoice being posted.

Arcadia pulls up to 12 months of data by default. When available, Arcadia can pull up to 5 years of data.

For implementation, you will want to have accounts identified and credentials for the most important locations you would like to onboard, or PDF bills if those credentials are unavailable.

A full provider list is always helpful for our team to identify any locations where building a new connection would be required. We will do a mapping exercise. If you don't have a clean copy of the providers, you can send us a list of asset addresses. This address method does have mixed success, especially in areas where multiple providers cover the same area, so a full provider list is always the best route.


You can add credentials into our connector one by one on your own. It typically takes 1 minute per credential. Arcadia is also willing to help set up connections for you with credential setup or through Quick Start, our onboarding services offering. You can also use the API for bulk credential support and/or our services team can help with credential gathering and creation.