Transforming the way Private Equity manages consolidated Fund Reporting with KPMG

Modernize Private Equity Firm’s Fund Reporting management– reducing manual efforts, enabling timely and accurate reporting as per regulatory expectations, and enhancing user experience.
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A tailored, scalable solution for Private Equity firms

Investment in Private Equity Fund Reporting capabilities have not kept pace with the increasing expectations from both investors and regulators for timely fund level disclosure, validation of audit readiness and growing complexity of fund structures and portfolio company data.

The intricate nature of fund structures, involving multiple tiers, co-investment arrangements, and specialized purpose vehicles, has resulted in a lack of consistency across fund financial reporting. This has led to the necessity for restatements and has made reported information less reliable. 

As PE firms expand their global presence and venture into international markets, they are faced with varying accounting standards, tax regulations, compliance requirements, and local reporting obligations. Moreover, there is heavy reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets-based solutions, and outdated portfolio performance management systems. 

KPMG offers a tailored and scalable solution for Private Equity firms, streamlining their comprehensive Funds Reporting capabilities through simplicity and automation using the Workiva platform. The KPMG approach efficiently integrates with fund accounting systems, incorporates footnotes, and interfaces with portfolio reporting systems to combine fund performance data with the performance metrics of its portfolio companies to build investor reporting, investor pitch books, LP advisory packages, and internal management reporting.

Key Features

Building accuracy, standardization, and appropriate aggregation on single connected platform can enable CFOs and Fund Managers with following benefits: 

  • Customized Report Generation: Create personalized investor fund level performance reporting based on GP and LP specific preferences using advanced visualization capabilities
  • Automated Workflows: Replace manual processes to produce investor reporting with automated workflows reducing time required for report production as per regulatory expectations 
  • Integrated and Standardized Data: Easily connect and standardize data from various disparate systems, allowing for fast querying on millions of rows of data
  • Established Data Quality Controls and Audit Trail: Integrate data quality controls to reduce errors, provide audit trail visibility and transparency inclusive of new data controls for audit compliance
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