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We will help you digitize your transfer pricing processes using the extensive and secure software capabilities of Workiva.
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Automate the transfer pricing documentation across your organization.

Taxtimbre supports multinational enterprises through their unique journeys to become regulatory proof. The Taxtimbre transfer pricing documentation software solution is aimed at:

  • Reducing 50% to 70% of the combined internal and external time spent on preparing annual transfer pricing documentation
  • Making all regulatory deadlines across the globe visible, with timely notifications to ensure they are met
  • Providing a robust audit trail of edits made from creation or update of the documentation until sign off, helping you safeguard internal control reviews and meet tax control framework objectives
  • Being tax audit ready

We’ll work with you to configure your solution in a way that fits your needs, saves time, and allows you to focus on the activities that can bring the most value to your business.

Key Features
  • Use standardized and harmonized local file, questionnaire, and dashboard templates across your company and regions
  • Accommodate for specific or additional local template requirements for countries with deviating local transfer pricing documentation rules
  • Minimize local effort due to a standardized input questionnaire to collect all necessary data for reports and filings
  • Automatically organize multiple versions of documents and reports—for example, for different fiscal years and/or legal entities—and data in a structured manner and in a central repository
  • Provides options on how financial data is imported from the company’s financial administration to the transfer pricing local file via any of the following:
    • a direct data connector
    • SFTP connector
    • CSV upload
  • An automatic, annual roll-forward of a transfer pricing local report to ensure that you do not need to start from scratch for the next annual update
  • Allows multiple users (internal or external) to access the local files and documents at the same time, reducing your project management overhead
  • Focus your team’s time on reviewing the key elements of each year’s transfer pricing documentation
  • Uses Workiva functionality to keep up to date with regulatory changes in local file requirements by countries and provides your teams with the information they need to ensure that your subsidiaries meet local formalities, including deadlines
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