Planalytix Custom Audit Analytics Solutions

Get streamlined solutions to assist with configuring, developing, and documenting all phases of your audit analytics initiatives using the Workiva platform.
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Add visibility to internal audit where you want it—when you want it—with ease, thanks to an analytics program that's built to order.

Leverage Planalytix’s 21 years of audit analytics experience to develop custom audit analytics using Workiva's data platform. You will get assistance with identifying controls that lend themselves to automation through analytics. Plus, Planalytix will help with determining the data sources required, development of requirements and analytic logic, and development of the analytics. 

Through its partnership with Workiva, Planalytix helped develop Workiva's out-of-the-box audit analytics offering and can help you customize an analytics solution for your organization.



Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Audit Management
Controls Management
IT Risk and Controls
Management Reporting (CFO)
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