Keyrus Connector for Anaplan Implementation

Empower FP&A users to automatically load their data from Anaplan® into the Workiva platform precisely when they need to.
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Connect the Workiva platform to the Anaplan software and streamline your plan to report processes.

By leveraging Keyrus to implement the connection to the Workiva platform, you can seamlessly integrate actual, budget, and forecast data flows originating from Anaplan, including financial data and qualitative commentary provided by operations teams, while significantly improving accuracy.

Your business users will have the power to own and operate the data integration process between the Anaplan software and the Workiva platform, with the flexibility to automate and import data loads to pull the most recent data. Connect plans, data, documents, and teams to elevate your business partnering across the organization. Visualize what a real-time connected ecosystem can look like, not just for a team but for an enterprise. 

Key Features
  • Automated data refreshes in the Workiva platform from your Anaplan software models
  • Low to no-code environment for business users who can load their data precisely when then they need to, on a scheduled basis or on demand
  • Service that starts with the end in mind—your organization’s board deck—supported by Keyrus' expertise on how to design the Workiva connections to maximize automation and agility leveraging data from the Anaplan software

Anaplan is a trademark of Anaplan, Inc.

Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Board Reporting
Budget & Forecast Reporting
CFO Deck
Financial Statements
Flash & KPI Reporting
Management Reporting
Product Line & Business Unit Reporting
Additional fees apply
Connector Compatibility