Fund/Product-Level ESG Reporting with KPMG's SFDR and TCFD Based Solutions

KPMG offers an all-in-one solution that simplifies your reporting process to navigate mandatory disclosure requirements for SFDR (EU) and SDR (UK) with ease and confidence.
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A winning formula designed to increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating unnecessary delays in the reporting cycle

EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance brought EU SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations into effect to drive sustainable economy and encourage effort towards sustainable investment. Given the enhanced disclosure obligations, asset managers and advisers should expect more enhanced environmental and social taxonomy.

Following these directives, asset managers and advisers must disclose their policies at firm and product level to support transparency (Sustainability Risks) and investment decisions (Principal Adverse Impacts). Asset managers and firms are struggling to provide more detailed information about the negative effects of their investments on society and the environment, due to difficulties in being transparent about policies, integrating risk, and categorizing products.

As investors and asset managers are gearing up for UK SDR and other evolving regulations, KPMG's solution leverages Workiva technology to automate fund and product level reporting regulatory disclosure requirements, providing accurate and timely reporting for you. Our customized approach integrates with data providers and analytics platforms and aligns with current ESG frameworks like TCFD and TNFD. It also includes SFDR (pre-contractual and periodic) directives which supports Fund/Product level reporting. Finally, the approach can be scalable for other ESG Corporate level reporting, such as CSRD, PASI Statements, and other ESG reports.

Key Features

Introducing automation at each stage of reporting development your organization will realize the following key benefits: 

  • Automation: Automated report generation at fund / product level from different data sources to report production with limited manual touchpoints
  • Completeness & accurate controls around key reports: Capture and verify data used in reports and calculations in a consistent and accurate manner
  • Governance and defined policies and procedures: Oversee end-to-end process (definition through disclosures), and implement appropriate controls
  • Robust data lineage: Generate visibility in end-to-end view and traceability to demonstrate accurate and reliable data usage for reporting

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