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Track, review, approve, and mitigate access risks from a single dashboard.
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Simplify the stress of managing security analysis, SoD, GRC and audit.

Fastpath easily integrates with the Workiva platform, allowing users to import evidence of testing into the Workiva audit, risk, and controls solutions. With Fastpath Assure® Suite, you can shed light on who has access, what users do with their access, and where risks exist.

Key Features
  • Segregation Of Duties (SoD) Module: Analyze access in your business software by user or role, down to the lowest security level, reporting any conflicts or risks associated with the access. SoD can be analyzed within an application or across multiple applications.
  • Access Certifications Module: Schedule periodic reviews and sign-off of different types of access: Conflict, Role Assignment, Critical Access, Business Process and Product access. The module will allow you to define owners of the access type for review and schedule reviews for both full access reviews and rolling access reviews.

Fastpath Assure® is a registered trademark of Fastpath, Inc.

Compatible Solutions
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Audit Management
Controls Management
Enterprise Risk Management
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