ESG Report Template for Workiva by Deloitte

The Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report accelerator can help organizations streamline the process of developing ESG reports in the Workiva platform by centralizing standard and repeatable disclosures across the organization’s ESG report. This accelerator can be tailored to each unique client ESG report to help accelerate the report drafting process.
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Increase efficiency in ESG reporting processes.

The process for developing an ESG-related report can be difficult due, for example, to the dynamic nature of these reports  that may change significantly between reporting cycles. Based on Deloitte's¹ extensive experience implementing Workiva’s ESG Reporting solution, our team of Workiva-trained professionals have created an accelerator for flexible ESG reporting that can be configured within the Workiva Platform designed to help streamline the process of developing your organization’s ESG report each year. Deloitte’s proprietary ESG Report accelerator is designed to:

Key Features
  • Streamline the process of configuring an ESG report in the Workiva platform by focusing on consistent themes across prior year reports
  • Accelerate the initial ESG report drafting timeline by reducing manual efforts associated with removing outdated content between reporting cycles
  • Enable a more efficient method of combining qualitative and quantitative information when drafting an ESG report

Our skilled team of Workiva ESG trained professionals understand the challenges associated with preparing an annual ESG report and can help your organization develop a more efficient method of sharing your ESG story. Regardless of where your organization is on its ESG journey, we are here to help! We look forward to working with you as you modernize your ESG reporting function.  

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