Deloitte Workiva Environmental Inventory Survey

The Workiva Environmental Inventory Survey enables companies to understand their environmental footprint, including Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, water consumption, and waste production. Leveraging Workiva’s built-in audit trail and attachments function, this accelerator enables businesses to confidently report on their environmental impact.
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Collect and calculate key environmental inventory metrics in a fully auditable and controlled manner.

Understanding your business’ environmental impact has never been more important. Pressures from markets and regulators are pushing companies to increase transparency around environmental footprints, including GHG emissions, water withdrawal, and waste production. Despite the growing need for companies to disclose this information, there are substantial challenges associated with data availability and quality that prevent organizations from doing so. To help organizations address the challenges associated with the availability and quality of environmental data, Deloitte has developed a Workiva Environmental Inventory Survey to collect and calculate key environmental inventory metrics in a fully auditable and controlled manner.

Key Features

The Environmental Inventory Survey is designed to help companies:

  • Collect environmental data inputs from a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Upload supporting documentation directly where information is collected through Workiva’s attachment functionality
  • Aggregate environmental data inputs and automatically calculate key environmental inventory metrics such as Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, water withdrawal, and waste production based on preconfigured conversion factors determined with management

In collaboration with our vast network of environmental and sustainability specialists, our team is rethinking the art of the possible by expanding Workiva’s ESG solution to help clients address challenges associated with reporting on ESG topics. If your organization is struggling with ESG reporting, we can help! We look forward to helping you create value across your organization as you progress along your ESG reporting journey.

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