Deloitte Leveraging Workiva for ESG Reporting

Deloitte’s leading technology implementation methodology and experienced ESG team can help your organization meet growing needs for streamlined and automated ESG reporting capabilities, including enhanced data collection processes, a strong internal controls framework, and greater alignment with frameworks and standards.
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Streamline and automate your ESG reporting.

Given the increasing demand from stakeholders and regulators for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information, modernizing internal processes for collecting disparate ESG data has never been more important.

To meet business needs for streamlined and automated ESG reporting capabilities, including enhanced data collection processes and greater framework alignment, Deloitte has collaborated with Workiva to implement Workiva’s ESG solution using our leading technology implementation methodology and environmental subject matter resources.

Our primary goal is to position organizations to prepare auditable reports and increase confidence in the metrics and KPIs shared with internal and external stakeholders alike. We look forward to engaging with you to create value across your organization as you progress along your ESG reporting journey!

Key Features

Through Deloitte’s vast ESG reporting experience, our ESG team has developed a flexible delivery model for implementing Workiva’s ESG solution to help organizations achieve:

  • A strong internal controls framework focused on data quality and sources
  • Enhanced data collection processes that rely on automated email reminders for connecting flat files with Workiva via semi-automated processes
  • Automated data feeds via API/direct integrations with source systems such as ERP and core systems (Workday, SAP, etc.)
  • Customized spreadsheets to aggregate and transform data for final reports, including automated conversion formulas for calculating environmental KPIs
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