Deloitte Data Rollforward Chain Accelerator

The Data Rollforward Chain Accelerator automates the quarterly and annual process of rolling forward documents and spreadsheets via copy and paste. Reduce the risk of human error and save time with your company’s reporting process by implementing this Wdata Chain!
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Automate the roll forward process to save time and reduce the risk of human error in your reporting process.

Deloitte’s experienced team of Workiva-trained professionals have developed numerous Workiva Chains to help organizations save time and generate greater information consistency through business process automation in the Workiva platform. Our most commonly implemented Workiva Chain allows for an automated roll forward process period over period, saving organizations time and reducing the risk of human error in the reporting process.

Our skilled team of Workiva-trained professionals has experience in assessing Workiva environments and developing Workiva enhancements to help businesses work toward fully automated reporting. We look forward to engaging with you to better understand your reporting needs and to create value across your organization!

Key Features

The Data Rollforward Chain Accelerator is designed to:

  • Automate the quarterly and annual process of manually rolling forward documents and spreadsheets via copying and pasting
  • Increase reporting consistency by locking in historical values prior to rolling reports forward
Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Bank Reporting
Board Reporting
Budget & Forecast Reporting
Capital Markets
CFO Deck
ESEF Reporting
FERC Reporting
Financial Statements
Global Statutory Reporting
Government Management Reporting
Income Statement & Balance Sheet Preparation
Insurance Reporting
Insurance Statutory Reporting
Management Reporting (CFO)
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
Shareholder Reports
Tax Reporting
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