Deloitte Annual and Interim Financial Reporting

Reduce the production time and effort in your financial reporting process through Workiva’s connected platform, allowing you to link data from your source systems through to your pre-built annual and interim reporting packs.
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Automate more of your annual and interim reporting leveraging Deloitte's technical expertise.

Annual and interim financial reporting is an integral part of every organization’s finance function. As financial reporting increases in complexity and businesses continue to grow, automation plays a crucial role in ensuring your reports are prepared in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

Deloitte has developed a solution that:

  • Uses Workiva functionality to publish information in various areas in your annual/interim reporting document with consistent changes reflected throughout the document, potentially saving you production time and effort and with a tangible increase in quality
  • Incorporates automated built-in validation checks between notes within the financial statements and across reports, further strengthening controls in your reporting process
  • Automates note numbering, linking your note numbers from your workings to your financial statements, so when changes are made these will be automatically reflected in your documents⁠—no more incorrect note references including page number references
  • Leverages purpose-built formulas to extract data from your input files and publish to your financial statements and note working spreadsheets 

The use of Workiva’s cloud platform:

  • Allows multiple users to access and make changes to the workbook and document at the same time, reducing your project management overhead 
  • Provides detailed tracking of changes made as well as functionality to illustrate, quickly and clearly, to your report owners and reviewers the changes between versions
  • Provides a single platform to also manage your review cycles 
  • Allows your permissions to be set at a document or section level in a way that reflect the Segregation of Duties (SoD) requirements in your control environment

Deloitte will work with you in the configuration of this solution to meet your organization’s specific needs, enhance your financial reporting processes, save time, and mitigate errors in the production of these reports, enabling your team to focus on driving business/customer-centered outcomes.

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