Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) Exception Report Chain and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Controls Templates for Workiva by Deloitte

The Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) Exception report chain and related templates can help organizations to streamline the process of developing continuous monitoring controls within Workiva to reduce risk across your organization. This accelerator can be tailored to numerous types of client use cases to help clients identify and monitor control exceptions. This accelerator can also help clients capture relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) controls and publish these into Workiva's Audit or Controls workspaces.
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Save time and reduce risk with continuous controls monitoring.

Automating controls through activities such as continuous controls monitoring and trend analysis can strengthen the internal control environment of your business while enabling employees to focus their time on higher value add activities. Therefore, Deloitte's¹ experienced team of Workiva-trained professionals have developed a Wdata Chain accelerator that can be configured within the Workiva Platform designed to help enable CCM in certain of Workiva’s workspaces, including Integrated Risk (GRC).

Key Features

Deloitte’s proprietary Exception Report Chain accelerator is designed to:

  • Accelerate the process of building Wdata Tables, Queries and Chains required to configure continuous controls monitoring use cases in Workiva 
  • Reconcile datasets and apply pre-determined rulesets and logic to create an exception report 
  • Send automated emails each time the Chain is run to notify control owners a new exception report has been generated

Deloitte’s ESG Controls templates can help organizations capture ESG related controls and publish these into Workiva’s Audit or Controls workspaces. The published control listing can then be replicated into a Workiva Controls report for import into Workiva’s graph database. This can enable users to communicate control sets across Workiva workspaces for input into the Workiva graph database without having to communicate or share controls listings outside of the Workiva platform.

Our skilled team of Workiva-trained professionals and internal controls subject matter specialists have experience in working with clients to assess control environments, identify opportunities for automation, and configure CCM use cases. Regardless of where your organization is on its internal controls journey, we are here to help! We look forward to working with you as you transform your internal controls functions.

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Controls Management
ESG Reporting
IT Risk and Controls
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