Column5 Assessments

A C5 Assessment is key to unlock ROI from your existing reporting and analytics solutions - a proven way to guarantee process improvement with your technology roadmap.
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Stabilize, optimize, and expand the value of your solution.

A Column5 Assessment is critical to unlocking ROI from your existing reporting and analytics solutions. The assessment includes leading best practices, technologies, and advice on how a solution may fit your organization in practice. A C5 Assessment will help you develop a business case and guarantee broader use of your Workiva solution. 

Key Features
  • Links process improvement to technology enablement
  • Develops a roadmap for how to expand the use of Workiva solutions
  • Aligns with the improvement of reporting, planning/forecasting, and analysis processes
  • Includes the performance of a gap assessment—identifying the differences between where your organization is now and where you want to be
Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
Annual & Interim Financial Reporting
Audit Management
Bank Reporting
Board Reporting
Budget & Forecast Reporting
Capital Markets
CFO Deck
Controls Management
Covenant Reporting
Enterprise Risk Management
Financial Statements
Flash & KPI Reporting
Global Statutory Reporting
IFRS 17 Reporting
Income Statement & Balance Sheet Preparation
Insurance Prospectus
Insurance Reporting
Insurance Statutory Reporting
Investment Prospectus
Investment Reporting
IT Risk and Controls
Management Reporting
Policies & Procedures
Product Line & Business Unit Reporting
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
Shareholder Reports
Statement of Cashflows Preparation
Tax Reporting
Transfer Pricing
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