Clearview Snowflake Connector via the Workiva Platform

Gain back valuable time and reduce the likelihood of error through data automation.
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Create direct connections between your Snowflake data and Workiva end reports, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Running queries, downloading, and importing data from your company’s source systems to support reporting processes is time consuming and increases the potential for error. If your team is using a manual process (e.g. copy/paste, .csv import, Wdesk Sync, etc.) to regularly transfer data into the Workiva platform, the Snowflake® connector may be an ideal way to automate that data flow.

Leveraging Clearview’s expertise in building interfaces between Snowflake and the Workiva platform, we will guide you through:

  • Designing the integration solution based on your unique requirements
  • Building connectors, chains, tables, and queries within Workiva's data platform to automate your data flow
  • Testing the completeness and accuracy of the integration
  • Enabling your team on how to use the solution
  • Deploying the solution so you can start experiencing the benefits of data automation

If you think the Snowflake connector may be right for you, reach out today!

Snowflake is a registered trademark of Snowflake Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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