CFO Solutions Wdata HFM Automation

Increase refresh times and accuracy, while reducing manual intervention, with data automation via the Wdata HFM connector.
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Unleash the potential for more accurate, frequent report availability from your Workiva investment.

CFO Solutions can implement Wdata with HFM Automation to simplify uploading data on your preferred schedule or on demand to ensure that all your business applications are kept in sync. That means all your applications will have the latest data when you need it.

Increasing the frequency of data updates to the Workiva platform allows you to preview your statutory or management reporting as the close is progressing. Use this to help signal any early issues or reclasses that may not normally get picked up in a routine closing process. The ability and flexibility to run refreshes on demand avoids the need for manual intervention or data manipulation, as well eliminates the dreaded knowledge gap if a key resource is unavailable.

Technical Requirements:

  • Wdata Connector for Oracle® HFM
  • GroundRunner installed on HFM Server
  • JSON Connector
  • Tabular Transformation Connector
  • Workiva Connector
  • File Utilities connector
Key Features
  • Dynamic data can be automated using your choice of variables
  • The Main Process Chain can also be utilized in other chains as required, such as the capability to load all months, specific list of entities, or multiple periodicities like Periodic, YTD, and QTD
  • Utilizing Resource Files reduces overall Chain maintenance, improving the dynamic nature of the Wdata HFM Automation
  • The Master Data Chain loops Entities, Years, Periods, Scenarios, Periodicity, and is fully dynamic using passed variables from other chains as required

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