CFO Solutions Planful Connector via the Workiva Platform

Stop wasting time exporting data into Excel® and manually uploading it to the Workiva platform from the Planful system. Take advantage of the direct connections between Planful and Workiva to save significant hours and mitigate manual errors.
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Use powerful automation capabilities to drive faster, more accurate reporting built on Planful data.

Leveraging the Workiva/Planful connector, CFO Solutions can simplify your monthly and quarterly board report creation. 

Automate the flow of data from the Planful EPM system into Workiva Spreadsheets utilizing a chain, which includes all processes required for data automation to occur. Chains can be scheduled to run automatically or executed on demand—whichever suits your needs best.

You can set up queries and retrieve specific reports or financial data based on year and scenario from your Planful system. Requested data is retrieved from the Planful system, stored within a table in the Workiva platform, and then queried and updated within a Workiva sheet. This sheet can then be linked to other sheets within the main spreadsheet, or directly linked to a Workiva board report or presentation.

Automation is not limited to financial data. You can configure your connection to pull any data in the Planful Core application.


Planful is a trademark of Planful, Inc. Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 

Compatible Solutions
To use this item, your organization needs to have purchased one of the following solutions.
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Budget & Forecast Reporting
Covenant Reporting
FERC Reporting
Financial Statements
Flash & KPI Reporting
Global Statutory Reporting
Government Management Reporting
IFRS 17 Reporting
Income Statement & Balance Sheet Preparation
Insurance Prospectus
Insurance Reporting
Insurance Statutory Reporting
Management Reporting (CFO)
SEC Reporting
SEC/Annual & Interim Financial Reporting Solution
SEDAR Reporting
Shareholder Reports
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