Cadency/CadencyDirect by Trintech

Integrate your financial close and statutory and regulatory reporting for greater visibility, accuracy, and control across record-to-report processes.
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Transform your global financial close process, statutory reporting, and regulatory reporting.

Cadency®/CadencyDirect® by Trintech is the only system of accounting intelligence that combines all financial close activities into a single, seamless process, including operational matching, intercompany transaction management, balance sheet reconciliations, journal entry management, close task management, compliance and reporting.

Companies with record-to-report automation in place not only instill confidence in their employees, customers, and investors but also free up time for more strategic initiatives like identifying new growth opportunities or making acquisitions or divestitures.

Cadency/CadencyDirect customers have reported*:

  • Up to a 99% reduction in time to complete reconciliations
  • Up to a 76% reduction in losses
  • Up to a 75% time savings in rework
  • Up to a 62% reduction in write-offs
  • Up to a 60% reduction in time to support external audits
  • Up to a 40% reduction in time on internal audits
  • Up to a 29% reduction in time to complete the close
  • Up to a 14% reduction in risk of impact due to misstatements

*Delivering ROI, The Case for an Automated R2R Solution

Trintech, Cadency and the Trintech and Cadency logos are trademarks of Trintech, Inc. 

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