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Get the skill sets you need to maximize ROI with the Workiva platform from Ayudatek, a U.S.-exclusively staffed firm with the right experience.
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Maintain and manage your Workiva investment with Ayudatek.

Ayudatek can provide implementation support and outsource services to operate your Workiva platform instance.

Implementations and outsourcing

Ayudatek provides Workiva implementation support on a fixed fee basis, staffed by a Workiva Certified U.S. and Canadian-based team. Our team provides support for performing tasks within the Workiva platform, such as monitoring document health, provisioning, roll forwards, linking, and other support during reporting cycles. Our services cost approximately 40% less than trying to hire and retain the hybrid tech/financial skill sets to run the Workiva platform.

In conjunction with this service, we supply our UniversalRecon application to automate the data and metadata reconciliation process between source systems and the Workiva platform, so your close cycles are completed up to 25% faster. Taken together, the savings we provide are often greater than the cost of our fees, so you may see that it's cash positive to use Ayudatek!

If you want to understand more about our service offering, please contact us at www.ayudatek.com or call 609.750.8887.

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