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Streamline data collection with Workiva: request, track, and aggregate data with ease.
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Learn how to unlock the power of data collection to enhance your reporting processes.

Data collection just got a whole lot easier with Workiva! 

With Workiva's Data Collection extension, you can effortlessly request, track, and aggregate data from colleagues across your organization. Our Input Mode feature allows you to have full control over which cells can be edited by data providers, and Content Requests lets you automatically request the information you need with the right permissions. Need to add a line item to your data collection templates? No problem! Workiva's multi-sheet editing capability makes it easy to make bulk edits to your templates. With Workiva, data collection has never been more seamless and efficient.

Key Features
  • Request data entries and grant required permissions automatically with Content Requests and Processes
  • Track progress and send reminder notifications from the Content Request dashboard
  • Reduce sheet setup time by applying input cells with a click of a button
  • Prevent unwanted edits by enabling Input Mode on sheets to be distributed
  • Streamline rollforward by clearing input cell values for the entire spreadsheet
  • Save time when editing multiple templates with multi-sheet editing


  • Content Requests in Processes
  • Input Mode in Spreadsheets
  • Multi-sheet Editing in Spreadsheets
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