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Integrate your financial close and statutory and regulatory reporting for greater visibility, accuracy, and control across record-to-report processes.
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Get real-time visibility into both solutions and gain confidence in the numbers you are disclosing.

The Cadency®/CadencyDirect® and Workiva integration via the Cadency/CadencyDirect by Trintech® Connector is focused on automating the full record-to-report (R2R) process, ensuring visibility via real-time dashboards to upstream activities such as reconciliations, journal entries, close task management, and controls monitoring, as well as downstream activities including disclosure and statutory reporting.

Key Features
  • The Cadency/CadencyDirect record-to-report platform’s data provides context around financial statements
  • Upstream record-to-report data in the Cadency/CadencyDirect platform can be leveraged to build dashboards within the Workiva platform for visibility into the close process status and performance
  • Automated submission and completion of all record-to-report tasks

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Wdata subscription required. Additional fees may apply.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Trintech connector uses the Trintech Cadency REST API. This API allows you to interact with Cadency by submitting tasks, and retrieve details about entities, fiscal years, and tasks.

A Trintech Cadency REST API subscription is required. You will need to work with your Trintech administrator to get your API subscription key. Your Trintech administrator will also be able to help you to set up an integration user within Trintech. This user’s credentials will be used for the connection authentication.

All documentation for Trintech is located at