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Streamline data gathering, simplify reporting, and enable informed recommendations and decisions.
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Standardize, control, and streamline reconciliation.

With BlackLine and Workiva, you can enable connected, continuous financial close reporting. The BlackLine connector offers instant connectivity of the BlackLine platform reports to the Workiva platform. Transform your close processes, verify reported balances from reconciliation activity in the BlackLine platform, and leverage Workiva to create connected financial and management reports and presentations.

Key Features
  • The BlackLine platform's reconciliation data provides context around financial statements
  • Operational close data in the BlackLine platform can be leveraged to build dashboards in Workiva and track close process performance
  • Automated tie out of report data with late journal entries and topside adjustments

BlackLine is a trademark of BlackLine Systems, Inc.

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Wdata subscription required. Additional fees may apply.
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Frequently Asked Questions

BlackLine authenticates via OAuth2. You will also need a BlackLine service account that has integration permissions as well as the necessary scopes and roles assigned to establish a successful connection.

You have the ability to list and download reports from BlackLine. You can also import and manage data within BlackLine including accounts, balances, currency rates, subledgers, entities, tasks, and users.

All documentation for BlackLine is located at